Q: Is all açaí the same?

A: Absolutely not! Different açaí has different 'amounts' of açaí berries in it - kind of like white, milk and dark chocolate. The açaí we use is what the Brazilians call 'ESPECIAL' - the highest possible grade of açaí, which means you are getting a higher dose of all the good stuff (like antioxidants and phytonutrients) when you have one of our bowls. 

Q: What do you mean when you ask whether I want my bowl 'NATURAL' or 'SWEETENED'?

A: Natural refers to our signature blend that is pure açaí pulp, coconut water, banana and mango. If you go for sweetened, we will add guarana to the blend, like they do in brazil, which is higher in sugar and gives it that sweetness.

Q: Why don't other places ask me whether I want my bowl 'NATURAL' or 'SWEETENED'? 

We are the only place in Perth dishing up natural açaí bowls. If you aren't sure of the sugar content of the  açaí when you are getting a bowl around town... ask them. The grams are reported on the pulp and if it says more than 0g of sugar, it has a sweetener in it. Warning: some places are packing a lot of sugar into these bowls (as much as a chocolate bar), so be careful you don't get fooled by the 'healthy' signpost.

Q: Why do your açaí bowls taste different?

A: We use a premium organically certified açaí that we blitz with mango, banana and coconut water. No fillers, no water, no mixed berries, no ice.

Q: Why do I feel different after one of your açaí bowls?

A: Because we don't pack it with sugar, you won't get that 'carb craving' a few hours after eating one of our bowls. You won't feel bloated or heavy, just light and full... which is why so many people grab a bowl from us before running or surfing!


Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Only if you are okay with us fawning over him/her. We even have healthy dog treats for them!

Q: Is your granola gluten free?

A: Our granola has oats in it, but if you are gluten intolerant we have you covered and can substitute granola for buckini, which is activated buckwheat, to give your bowl that delicious crunch.

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