Eaten for generations by Brazilians,  açaí is a small purple berry, the size of a blueberry, that grows in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon on tall palm trees.

Açaí tastes somewhere between fresh berries and chocolate, and helping to boost the immune system, providing sustained energy and encouraging greater levels of focus, açaí is truly one of the best foods you can give your body... And it helps that it is so delicious!

Açaí owns it's superfood status by being high in...

> Antioxidants - helping to cleanse the body of nasty free-radicals, which can attack healthy cells.

> Essential Omegas - for healthy blood cholestorol. 

> Anthocyanins - for anti-inflammatory purposes, among other things. 

> Phytonutrients - to help boost the immune system and maintain healthy cells.

> Amino acids - to boost the immune system and maintain a healthy metabolism, açaí contains ALL of the essential amino acids and nutrients required in our bodies. 

> Fibre - for healthy digestive systems.

> Low GI - for sustained energy. 

> Protein - for muscle repair, maintenence and growth.

The açaí berry also has no sugar! 


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