While trekking through South America, we were intrigued by an icy cold, purple smoothie-sorbet-type-food that was being enjoyed everywhere we looked on the beaches in Rio De Janeiro. 

After eventually learning how to pronounce it (ah-sigh-ee) our love affair - and complete obsession - began with this superfruit, which gave us that "so full but oh so light" feeling. We were charged with energy, felt physically uplifted and mentally focused, and our bodies felt packed full of goodness every time we devoured it. 

Our love of açaí leap-frogged our love of travel (which is saying something), and our hunt to  understand  all  things  açaí  led us to spend 

months in Brazil, deep in the mystic Amazon jungle. 

We found some remarkable people who have made açaí the corner stone of their lives for generations, and hope to make it the cornerstone of their children's future, through wild and sustainable harvesting of the açaí palm.


Our dream was to bring this little berry to our corner of the world. We are relentlessly committed to creating the highest quality açaí bowls on the beaches and rivers of Perth ... honest, healthy, natural and delicious food is our ethos. 

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